Frequently Asked Questions

About Getir

What is Getir?
How does it work?
Where does Getir deliver?


What do I need to apply to be an e-scooter rider?
What do I need to apply to become a Store Assistant?
Where can I apply to be an e-scooter or store assistant?
What happens after I apply for a role?


What is my pay structure?
Are there any bonuses/incentives running?
When will I be paid?
What period do I get paid for?
Where can I see how much money I was paid?
Will I get 100% of the tip?
Will I be paid while I am waiting for an order?


What kind of contract will I have?
Can I work part-time?
Will I have staff benefits?
I have another part time job. Can I choose my hours of work and days to work?
How many hours should I work?
Will I get any breaks during my work-schedule?


Will I use my own smartphone?
Should I provide the vehicle?
What kind of safety equipment Getir will provide?
What happens if my equipment breaks?
Can I use the smartphone provided by Getir for non-professional purposes?
Can I use my e-bike/e-scooter to go back home after my shift?


Do I need a driver's licence to apply for the job?
How old do I need to be to work with Getir?
Will I be working close to my place?
Will I work at one store?
Can I reject an order?
Where will I wait for my next order?


How can I contact you?
When can I start working?